Sunday, December 29, 2013

Mystery Quilt Clue 5

Bonnie Hunter's Mystery Quilt Continues.  I finished with Clue 5.  I'm sure glad I choose to make the smaller version of the Mystery Quilt.  If not I would probably still be working on Clue 1.
I finally finished my Design Quilt from Cindy Needham's Workshop I attended in September. 
 I did a Faced Binding.  I'm not sure if I like it.  I may have stretched the edge a little.  And I don't know how I could block it again without leaving holes. 
I still have 3 1/2 days left before I return to work.  So I better get back to enjoying my Quilting Studio.  That's hard for me to say.  It's still my sewing room to me.  :)

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Mystery Quilt

I have some days off from work.  And I've been looking forward to getting some quilting done.  But Sunday Morning I was going to make some Labels with my Bernina Embroidery Machine and guess what?  My Bernina stopped working right in the middle of my first Label.  So the Labels will have to wait.  Thank Goodness I have back up Sewing Machine.  It doesn't Embroider.  But it pieces and quilts good.   It's my Pfaff.  I set it up in my SewEzi.  And away I sew.
I also got caught up on my Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt.  I finished Clue 4.  And now I'll be ready for Friday's Clue 5. 
 I won't get to sew on it until Saturday Night or Sunday.  Friday I'm going to see my Grand-Niece Avery.  And her Mommy and Daddy of course.  But she is the star of the show.


Saturday, December 7, 2013

Material Girls Christmas 2013

Today was my Friendship Groups the Materials Girls Christmas Party  I was held a Diane new home in Clovis.  We had great food and friendship today.  I always look forward to this party.  These gals are awesome!
Instead of everyone bringing a small gift for each other we exchange a 12"ish block.  And everyone gets to guess who made each little quilt.  Barbara Sindlinger won with the most guesses correct.  She knows us all well.
This is Elaine's ( the first time she made one)


 Lynn Marie's



And here we are with the ones we get to keep.
We also do a challenge each year.  This year we decided on a Dresden Plate.  The quilt had to have at least one Dresden on it.  It could be any size.

Lynn Marie








It was great day!  We always have fun together!
Now I'm really in the Christmas Spirit!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Mystery Quilt

Friday was the 1st week for Bonnie Hunter's Mystery Quilt.  She has named it Celtic Solstice.  I changed my colors a little.  Where she is using, Green, Yellow, Orange and Blue.  I decided on Green Burgundy, Orange and Blue.  With lights for the background.  I have all of the first week done except for trimming the Dog Ears.  The fabric next to it was my color inspiration.
Last year was the first time I had made a Mystery Quilt and it was fun.  My friend Barbara Sindlinger is making it too.  I'm looking forward to see the next steps.

Thanksgiving Weekend!

I had a wonderful time visiting my new Grandniece on Thanksgiving.  Avery was Born on November 15th.  She weighted in at a mere 5 pounds 4 oz.  She is a tiny little peanut.  And we are all so proud to have a Baby girl in the family.
I got a picture of the 4 Generations.  My Mother, my Sister, my Nephew and Avery.
On Saturday I did some decorating for Christmas.  I can't believe it's that time already.  I still have some Christmas Quilts to finish!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Shower for Avery

I attended the Baby Shower for my Nephew's baby girl.  Her name will be Avery and she is due in November.

This is Brett and Heather.  The Mommy and Daddy to be.
This is my Sister Sharon and her Husband Jerry.  They are the Grandma and Grandpa,
They put on the shower for Brett and Heather at Brett and Heather's Home.  In SLO.

Sharon made these cute little favors.

And the center piece.

Here they are checking out the Baby Quilt I made.  They loved the Minkee.
And Brett practicing with the Burp Cloth.
It was a very nice weekend at the Coast.  And I'm looking forward to being a Great Aunt.  Oh wait!  I've always been a great aunt.  But now I'll be a Great-Aunt.  LOL!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Autumn Road

I finished my Easy Street Quilt today.  I have named it Autumn Road.  Easy Street is a Mystery Quilt by Bonnie Hunter.  She has a Mystery Quilt on her Blog every year.  I think it starts around Thanksgiving.  And runs through the end of the year.  It was the first Mystery Quilt I have done.  And it was fun.  I'm pretty sure I will do the one coming up too.
This Quilt measures  about 98"X 98".  I'm donating to the Common Threads Quilt Guild Boutique.  I'm hoping they can get $250.00 for it.  If not, I will bring it home and either use it myself or give as a gift to someone.
The boutique is Saturday October 19
  9:00- 4:00
at the
Comfort Inn
10 N. Irwin St.
Hanford, CA

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Design Class With Cindy Needham

I just spent 5 days with Cindy Needham.  Along with 2 of my Quilting Buddies,  We had a great and productive Workshop.

 Here is a nice picture of Cindy, me, Barbara Sindlinger and Janice Minyard.

Here is Janice with her beautiful Creations.
Barbara finished several items.

Priscilla Girard from Springville was there.  And she was Embellishing her beautiful piece.
This is my Sampler Piece from the Thread Bar.  We got to try every kind of Superior Thread we wanted to.  All week!  It was so much fun.
The next day we started on Designing.  This was my Divide and Conquer Piece.
And finally my Design Piece.  It's not finished yet.  But hopefully I will get it done this week.  I like it a bunch.

And this last picture was of some new friends from Canada.  Mary Ann and Jeanette.  Along with Cindy.  Mary Ann was a Hoot!

We had a great time and I would love to go back to her workshop next year as an Alumni. 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Visalia Dames

Today the Visalia Dames met at my house.  We always have a lot of Fun and Laughs.  And sometimes we even get something accomplished.  We were happy Diane was able to join us. Kathy, Barbara and Elaine are always ready to quilt.

My little Katie found a new friend.

And Cocoa had to join in too.

And Larry found his spot taking a nap.  If we had not of been in the Living room, he would have been in his recliner.  :) Taking a nap.
I was a great day.  I always loving quilting with the Visalia Dames.