Sunday, December 29, 2013

Mystery Quilt Clue 5

Bonnie Hunter's Mystery Quilt Continues.  I finished with Clue 5.  I'm sure glad I choose to make the smaller version of the Mystery Quilt.  If not I would probably still be working on Clue 1.
I finally finished my Design Quilt from Cindy Needham's Workshop I attended in September. 
 I did a Faced Binding.  I'm not sure if I like it.  I may have stretched the edge a little.  And I don't know how I could block it again without leaving holes. 
I still have 3 1/2 days left before I return to work.  So I better get back to enjoying my Quilting Studio.  That's hard for me to say.  It's still my sewing room to me.  :)


  1. Busy busy bee. Started my 4-patches. Love the CN quilt - beautiful. I can't see why you don't like the faced quilt - it looks pretty good to me.

  2. I'm making the smaller size as well. I know my limits.
    The quilt looks great. From the photo I can't see a problem with the facing.

  3. I have noted several quilters scaling back to the smaller size as the mystery quilt goes along.

    Your facing looks fine. It is a different style than I have done, but I don't see a problem. Facings definitely do come with their own issues, though. I am looking at some as I write that I will be applying soon. Not looking forward to it.

  4. Your Cindy Needham quilt is SPECTACULAR!! wow! Happy New Year, Debbie! Wishing you all good things. :)