Sunday, September 22, 2013

Design Class With Cindy Needham

I just spent 5 days with Cindy Needham.  Along with 2 of my Quilting Buddies,  We had a great and productive Workshop.

 Here is a nice picture of Cindy, me, Barbara Sindlinger and Janice Minyard.

Here is Janice with her beautiful Creations.
Barbara finished several items.

Priscilla Girard from Springville was there.  And she was Embellishing her beautiful piece.
This is my Sampler Piece from the Thread Bar.  We got to try every kind of Superior Thread we wanted to.  All week!  It was so much fun.
The next day we started on Designing.  This was my Divide and Conquer Piece.
And finally my Design Piece.  It's not finished yet.  But hopefully I will get it done this week.  I like it a bunch.

And this last picture was of some new friends from Canada.  Mary Ann and Jeanette.  Along with Cindy.  Mary Ann was a Hoot!

We had a great time and I would love to go back to her workshop next year as an Alumni. 


  1. It was great fun. Loved what you made and I know you will finish your aztec sunburst top.

  2. Love the pics! Thanks for posting, and chatting with me while you were there. I missed going :(

  3. Great pictures! Loved meeting everyone and am much impressed with your works. Mary Ann

  4. Some really awesome work, Debbie. Definitely five days well spent.