Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sparkling Gemstones

I finally finished Sparkling Gemstones. I have had the top completed since September. I just had too many other projects to finish before I could quilt this one. It is made from a Jelly Roll of Kaffe Fassett Fabric and I used White Fairy Frost for the sashing. Very simple, but Bright and Summery. I'm happy with it.

Tomorrow I bring out the Embroidery Machine and make labels. I have a ton of them to make.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Flower Postcards

I joined an online Postcard exchange group. Here is my first project. I copied my Precious Memories Quilt and made my postcards. My theme is Flowers. I hope my group will like them. I will mail them next week. I'm looking forward to seeing what I will get in the mail.

Precious Memories

I made this quilt from a class with Terry Waldron. I started with an antique hankie that had Roses printed on it. I then added a vase with Appliqued Whimsical Flowers and silly button centers. It has my Mother and Father's wedding picture on it. My Father passed away September 15, 2010. So I gave this Quilt to my Mother for their 64th Wedding Anniversary on October 16th.

2011 Orange Blossom Opportunity Quilt

This is the 2011 Orange Blossom Quilters Opportunity Quilt. Isn't it a Beauty? Diane Mitchell and I were the Co-Chairmen for this Quilt. Janice Minyard Quilted it. (She is the Featured Artist for the 2011 Best of the Valley Quilt Show). The other members that helped with the quilt are
Nanette Blumer, Juanita Cairns, Lynn Drennen, Sue Rowell, Kathy Elick, Eileen Pitts, and Elaine Berry. The name of the quilt is Blueberry Wine. Because of all of those itty, bitty circles it was almost named Blueberry Whine.

Too late or too early?

Am I too late or am I too early? I'm too late again! This was the Material Girls 2010 Challenge. I made the center Medallion and the Material Girls made the signature blocks. I finally finished the quilting. It's name is "Scary Girls" I think it turned out cute. And I love the signature blocks from my friends.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Valentine Postcards

I've been really bummed lately. I've had little inspiration to do much quilting. So I decided to do something small tonight. I made 4 Valentine Postcards. I used a pair of my old Cropped Pants that had a Floral Embroidery at the hemline. (The zipper had broke) I added the Heart Ribbon and the Ribbon with I Love You printed on it.

For the back of the Postcard I use the Shout Color Catchers that I have been saving. (I always knew I would find a use for them)

I think they turned out kind of cute.