Saturday, August 27, 2011

Linen Quilt

I took a class at Thimble with Cindy Needham. The Linen Lady. I just love her! She is a great Teacher and I highly recommend taking her class. I have marked my Linen and I'm ready to sew. I might have to put aside my Garden Window Quilt for awhile. I am easily side tracked. :)

I have been quilting!

I have been quilting ,really! I started this project in 2007. It was the Challenge for my Friendship Group that year. (The Material Girls) I finished the center but didn't get into the rest of it that year. I wanted to do something special. I added a small border Sawtooth border and then a large Machine appliqued flower border. I finished it with another small Sawtooth Border. (1 inch).

Now I'm Quilting it! This is the part I really enjoy. I know I'm Crazy! It has been very time consuming. I've use Bottom Line in both the top and the bobbin. Also some Glitter with Bottom Line in the bobbin. Some Brytes with Sew Fine in the Bobbin. Rainbow with Bottom Line in the Bobbin. I'm not near finished, but thought I would show you a sample.

I'm also going to add some embellishments. So, more to come.........

Oh, and I used Dream Wool for the Batting.