Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Quilts for the Girls From Haiti

Today I got to meet 2 new friends.  Edelyne and Eunise Pierschbacher.  My office had a party for the newly adopted daughters of Philip and Ginger Pierschbacher.  Philip is the Ass't Superintendent for the Tulare City School District.  He and his wife had been in the process of adopting 2 girls from Haiti.  They started the process before the Earthquake that was several years ago.  They have lived in a church Orphanage since they were very young.  Well they finally got to come to the United States last week.

Here is a picture of the gifts that the office put together.  The gift bags had hats, bracelets, hair clips and a gift certificates to Kohl's for each of them.  We also gave them a gift certificate for the Family to go to the Zoo.  And for the Big Kahuna Frozen Yogurt.  Yum.

Something else that I did along with Barbara Sindlinger, was give them a Quilt.
Here they are along with their new Dad and their Quilts.  Barbara made the Pink and Gray one.  And I made the Yellow and Gray one.  They were very overwhelmed.  But excited too.


  1. Wow. Lucky girls, to be met with such generosity and kindness. The quilts are beautiful, and I wish the girls a wonderful life in their new country.

  2. Glad they liked the quilts. I can imagine how overwhelmed they are all feeling. I love happy stories like this.

  3. Ditto what the others said. What a thoughtful welcome to their new home!

    And welcome back to blogging! ;)

  4. I concur with the others A great idea. The quilts are cool.