Friday, February 4, 2011

Valentine Postcards

I've been really bummed lately. I've had little inspiration to do much quilting. So I decided to do something small tonight. I made 4 Valentine Postcards. I used a pair of my old Cropped Pants that had a Floral Embroidery at the hemline. (The zipper had broke) I added the Heart Ribbon and the Ribbon with I Love You printed on it.

For the back of the Postcard I use the Shout Color Catchers that I have been saving. (I always knew I would find a use for them)

I think they turned out kind of cute.


  1. So very cute. I made some the other day too and gave 2 away at guild. Clever recycling an old pair of pants.

  2. Love the postcards. Wish I could cheer you up:)