Sunday, April 6, 2014

Best of the Valley Quilt Show

I had a great time at the Best of the Valley Quilt Show in Lindsay yesterday.  Those Ladies put on a great show.

Sara Kelly was the Featured Artist.  And she is truly an Artist.  I loved looking at her creations.  Thanks Sara!

This is the Best of Show Winner of the Large Quilt Category

And the Best of Show Wall Quilt..

 Best of Show Small Quilt

And this was the Best Machine Applique.

Here is a closeup on one of the eyes.  Amazing! 

The Best Art Quilt.
Yes!  They are "Quilts!

I want to share some of my Friends Quilts.  I couldn't get them all.  But here are a few.

Barbara Sindlinger's Rainbow Fish took a 1st place.  Nice Catch!  LOL!

Elaine Berry got a 2nd place in Group Quilts.  She had several friends (Me included) help her finish it  And it turned out perfect!  After all it is Elaine's Quilt!

This is one that DeAnne Faris made for the Enchanted Place Fundraiser!  1st place!

Barbara Daniels received the Chairman's Special Merit Award.  And I can see why!

Kay Pennington received the Best Embellished Award.  I followed her making this on her Blog.  It's a  stunner!

Here I am with my 3rd place Dresden Plate.  I love that flower above mine! It matches my Top!

I love getting a picture of someone looking at the Back of my Quilts.  It means they were interested enough to look.

Here is my Scrappy Star.  It got Best Home Machine Quilting!  I'm so happy with this award.

This one really impressed me.  But it didn't received any award and I'm sorry to say I didn't catch who made it.  But it is lovely.

And here is my Star Light Star Bright.  It received a 1st place in the Whole Cloth Category.  And on Top of that it was awarded The National Quilt Association Certified Judges Award of Merit!  This is a brand new award that the certified judge has the option of awarding to a deserving quilt in any show he/she might judge.  It is awarded to one quilt achieving recognized standards of quiltmaking excellence.  (I got this off the NQA website)  Cool!  I'm really Jazzed about this one!

So this is what I thought I would share with you.  If you didn't make the show, please try to come next year.  It is amazing.


  1. Beautiful. Thanks for posting!

  2. I love it when blogger post photos of quilt shows they've been to. It's almost as good as being there! Thanks for showing.

  3. Congrats on the big award and all your wonderful ribbons. Well deserved!

  4. thanks for sharing. Every year the quilts are top quality, but I thought they were even better this year. Congratulations to you and all entrants.

  5. Love seeing the show through the eyes of attendees. It may have been as good as I thought it was! Thank you for sharing, LOVE the photos!