Saturday, February 1, 2014

BOM and BOTV Entries

I worked on my BOM last night and I have my 2 Blocks for February Done.  Man that is a good feeling.
I used my new Bloc-Loc and I love it.  This is a great tool for making HSTs.

Here are the 2 Blocks done!  Happy!  Happy!

I also took some pictures of my Entries I'm sending into the BOTV Quilt Show.
This one will be entered into the Group Category.  As it was a HST exchange with the Material Girls in 2012.  Too bad I didn't have the Bloc-Loc then!
Close view.

This is a Quilt I made at the Cindy Needham Design Workshop.  It is made with Silk Fabric, Wool Batting, and Silk Thread.

This is a Bridge Cloth that was Embroidered by a Lady from Tulare named Stella Bender.  In about 
I acquired it and I made a small Quilt with it.

This one is the Material Girl's Challenge for 2013.  A Dresden Plate.

 And I still have my BOTV Challenge.  But I left it ta work.  And I didn't get a picture yet.  Next time I will.


  1. Beautiful work. You are an awesome quilter! Another best of show on one of those quilts!

  2. Why bother entering if we have to go against that! Rub it in that your blocks for the BOM are done! One the 1st of the month no less.

  3. You are way ahead of me, Miss Debbie. I have quilts but I don't think I will get my entries mailed in time. Too much on my plate.

    1. I can't wait to see what you have at the Bakersfield Show.

  4. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

    and there are more than enough categories and awards to go around, Miz Barbara! ;) And Feb 14 is still 11 days away, so there's plenty of time for Kay...

  5. Wonderful quilts! (as usual) I enjoy looking at your quilting. I'm always amazed at your design ideas. AND you're so willing to help the rest of us!! Thanks for sharing.