Sunday, October 21, 2012

Visalia Dames

 Today was the Monthly get together with my small breakout group of the Material Girls.  We are the Visalia Dames.
Barbara Sindlinger made these really cute TicTac Labels.  Witches Warts, Ghost Poop, and Jack o'lantern seeds.  So cute.  She is so creative.
 Elaine Berry finished her Antique Linen Quilt.  And yes I said "finished". :) LOL
 Barbara worked on her Block of the Year Angel Block.  :) LOL
I worked on quilting my Table Topper.  My thread kept breaking and I finally figured out that I didn't have the Feed Dogs Lowered!  Amazing how well it worked after that. :)  And I'm teaching Machine Quilting! LOL

I didn't get a picture of the Baby Quilt that Diane Mitchell is working on.  It is adorable.

And thanks Diane for hosting the day.  We always have lots of fun and laughs.


  1. Awesome - two posts from you in one day. Yes, I can vouch that Elaine finished a quilt. Yea for her. My block of the year program is coming along smoothly. And of course, you can use your problems with machine quilting as a great example for the classroom.

  2. I enjoyed the day too! Thanks for posting!